Secretariat Set-Up And Event Management

DCM would set up an exclusive secretariat effective the date of appointment till the close of the event. This secretariat is responsible for co-ordination and management of each activity related to the event. The secretariat is equipped with adequate computer/printer, telephone, and manned by trained staff.

The role/function of this secretariat would be:

Setting up and organization of computerized management for the event
Preparation of the PERT Chart
Preparing mailing lists in coordination with the organizers
Routine correspondence

- Hotel / Tour / correspondence
- Technical / Others

Preparing Conference program with the assistance of Committee
Planning / Coordinating Opening / Closing ceremony
Planning and co-ordination Social and Cultural Events and Accompanying Persons Program
Co-ordination with support agencies to ensure completion of the job within time schedule
Assistance in preparing the event budget
Handling pre-convention accounts
Convention Accounting
Complete management of on-site accounting
Extra manpower, equipments etc.
Post event account management
Management of the budget to ensure that there is no over-expenditure.
Designing of Conference brochures

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