We could also assist in printing of registration forms, envelopes and self-addresses reply envelopes as per the format suggested by you. We would provide you with necessary assistance to mail these forms to the prospective delegates on actual postage charges. However, we would require the mailing list on a floppy, preferably in a address form so that the addresses can be easily pasted on self-adhesive stickers and stuck on the envelopes.

With regards to the receiving of registration forms, kindly note that we have been doing this on a regular basis for the events that we have handled in the past. Our software is specifically designed to feed-in all the details of the delegate and the accompanying person right from the time he arrives into the country till the date of his departure. All services, taken by him during this tenure are entered into our system and reports can be obtained at any given stage.

On receiving the forms we would ensure that replies are sent within 24 hrs. on fax or e-mail confirming services requested for by the delegate